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Basketball Court

As Head Coach Nic often reminds his players, "it's just basketball"! A humbling reminder that at the root of it all, its simply about playing the game that we all love and respect. Yes, we have formality and order and discipline as important pieces to our programs, but there is nothing like connecting with your teammates, trusting your coaches and loving the team spirit and energy from parents and loved ones!!

We are proud to be counted amongst the best teams in the DMV and we are committed to succeeding as a unit and dedicated to representing our team at an elite level. Our team is made up of some incredibly talented players and terrific coaches who always seems to know the balance between pushing players and encouraging them.

The Unit

team png.png

Timmy Allen Crank
Dominic Manuel
Dyanie Treakle
Ezana Brantley
Dreyden Coates

Jayden Walker
Javon Scott
Justin Jones
Rapheal Johnson
Tom Hoffer

Gunnar Burch

Deshaun Ingram Bridges
Jamir Scott 
Jayden Nunez
Harlum Nunez
Noah Phillips
Jeremiah Hopkins 
Jayden Terry
Khalil Duplessis
Tom McKnight
Kendall H


Eric Henderson
Caleb Hampton
DeMari Simon
Gio Hamlet
Kymani Bridge
Antonio Jones
Medwyn Opoku-Arthur
Kong Tangwa
Ryden Rodney-Sandy
Mike Hernandez

Our Coaches

Cream of the Crop

 Dominic Manuel "Coach Nic"

CEO & Head Coach 2027 & 2028

team png.png

Coach Mims

Head Coach 2029

Coach Dawn

Assistant Coach 2029

team png.png
team png.png

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